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Q: How do I turn on my Magic Tracks® car?
A: Find the raised button on the top of your car. Press button once to start your car. To turn it off, press button again.

Q: How can I make my Magic Tracks® track glow even brighter?
A: To make tracks glow brighter, expose to sunlight for a few hours, then return to a dark room.

Q: Why won't my Magic Tracks® car turn on?
A: First, be sure batteries are installed as directed in your instruction manual. We have found there may be an issue with Duracell Quantum batteries not working every time. Please use any other battery to resolve this issue.

Q: How do I assemble my track?
A: Refer to your Instruction Manual for complete instructions on how to assemble track. First, take any two pieces of track and line up the top tabs and bottom tabs. Then, push together until you hear a “click.” Continue until you have a track as long as you like. Shape the track in any way you want by simply turning pieces in different directions. Finish the track by connecting your beginning piece with your end piece.

Q: Why is my Magic Tracks® car going so slow?
A: It may be time to change your batteries. Please refer to your Instruction Manual for directions on how to properly replace your batteries.

Q: Where can I purchase more track and other accessories?
A: Please visit to view all of our current available accessories!

Q: How can I customize my cars?
A: The best way to customize your cars is with the included Decal Sheet. Just Peel ‘N' Stick and you can add different numbers and designs to your cars instantly.

Q: I have Magic Tracks® mastered. Is there anything I can do to change it up?
A: Definitely! Use some items around your house like books, boxes, or trays to make tunnels, ramps, bridges, and more! Check out your Instruction & Fun Guide for more ideas!

Q: What shapes can my track be formed into?
A: Tracks can be formed into almost ANY shape you want. Check out our Instructions and Fun Guide for other cool suggestions!

Q: A part of my Magic Tracks® set arrived damaged of broke. How can I receive a replacement?
A: Please call 1-800-793-5469 or email us at so we can resolve the issue.

⚠ WARNING Tangle Hazard

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